Honey Banking

An introduction

Carefully selected Manuka honey will increase its methylglyoxal (MGO) level over time. Accredited testing laboratories in New Zealand provide forecasts of potential growth when undertaking testing of Manuka honey.

Utilising its background in beekeeping through to its current focus on honey production, NZMA Honey has a unique ability to select bulk raw honey that will increase its value over time. Within 6-24 months it is possible to see doubling or even tripling in value.


How it works

As a honey manufacturer NZMA is able to open “honey banking” as an opportunity to investors. Investors purchase honey which NZMA can then guarantee to buy at a later date when it is needed to satisfy NZMA production needs.

  • NZMA will decide what grade of honey needs to be stored and set up a repurchase price for the investor that will apply when the honey matures.
  • Investors pay for the honey when it is purchased from the initial honey supplier, and hold ownership of any honey acquired by NZMA until such time NZMA requires the honey for its own production.
  • Honey can be stored at NZMA's facility or at any RMP registered location appointed by the investor
  • All honey purchased will be tested with results made available to the investor immediately.
  • The term of investment can be between 6 and 12 months.