About NZMA Natural Honey

NZMA Natural Honey incorporates the following business units

  • Beekeeping
  • Retail
  • Pprocessing
  • Investments


NZMA Natural Honey Beekeeping started with a small number of beehives and has quickly grown to a full scale commercial beekeeping operation. Through broader commercial relationships NZMA Natural Honey now has access to over 20,000 beehives and works with some of New Zealand’s oldest beekeeping families. This means NZMA Natural Honey can continuously supply our customers with premium New Zealand manuka honey.


NZMA Natural Honey Retail is an innovator in honey retailing and packaging. From our single use honey sachets to personalised, customer owned manuka honey beehives, NZMA Natural Honey Retail is constantly developing new products and expanding export markets for our honey and bee related products. Our existing NZMA Natural Honey brand is exported internationally to markets in the Middle East, Asia, Australasia and North America


NZMA Natural Honey is a modern, advanced honey processing plant based on Auckland’s North Shore. The plant is capable of processing and packing all honey formats. The plant is fully certified and registered with all major international markets. Through careful processing and strict quality standards NZMA Natural Honey is able to consistently produce the very finest export grade honey.


Carefully selected manuka honey grows in strength and value over time. NZMA Natural Honey Investments works with large investment groups and High Net Wealth Individuals to manage their investment needs in natural resources through honey.