About Us

Our Approach

Everything we do is driven by our passion for beekeeping and our belief in the nutritional quality of New Zealand honey and bee related products.

We constantly innovate. We strive to find new ways to give customers confidence in the integrity of the product they are buying. We search for new ways to make New Zealand’s unique bee product resource more accessible for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.

Our Story

We are constantly growing and are proud of our successes along the way

  • Beekeeping: we started with a small number of beehives and have quickly grown to a full scale commercial beekeeping operation
  • Managed beehives: we pioneered the concept of personalised, customer owned manuka honey beehives
  • Beekeeping Experience & Demonstration Centre: provides customers and those passionate about beekeeping a unique experience
  • Health 2000 Cooperation: beehives to be sold through stores, supply of Lighthouse Honey
  • Factory: Upgrade underway to allow new packaging formats and new bee related products to be manufactured